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Strategic Intent

  • To instil a lifelong love of science, encouraging a positive attitude and disposition to learn.
  • To give children the opportunity to master scientific knowledge and enquiry skills that they need to be successful, confident scientists and to support their future learning.
  • To allow children to develop their curiosity and understanding of the world around them through practical and engaging lessons which are sequenced and taught in context with strong curriculum links.
  • Because children at Totley Primary School tend to have a good awareness and understanding of the world, we ensure that science teaching is relevant and allows opportunities to discuss current scientific developments.
  • Because children at Totley Primary School often have high aspirations, we intend to develop on their science capital through community and external links.
  • Because children at Totley Primary School are generally inquisitive, we challenge pupils to design and take ownership of their own enquiries.


Content and Sequence

  • The curriculum has been designed to ensure knowledge progression for chemistry, biology and physics, so that all pupils are competent scientists by the time they leave Totley primary school. It builds on the firm foundation of knowledge and understanding of the world from the EYFS curriculum.
  • Our curriculum map has been designed so that all teachers from Y1 to Y6 are equally accountable for the content, progress and attainment of pupils’ knowledge and skill development.
  • Knowledge and skills are grouped into the six themes of basic cell theory, respiration & reproduction, basic particle theory, solutions & solubility, basic forces and electricity. Where appropriate, opportunities to contextualise science alongside the wider curriculum are capitalised on. This long term planning ensures that knowledge and skills are progressive between year groups and ensures learning builds on prior learning.
  • We know spaced learning helps to make learning stick. Therefore, learning is deliberately sequenced within and between year groups, to allow children the opportunity to pre-visit, and re-visit across key stages.
  • The use of the Meta-Mates is being developed to link with scientific enquiry skills

Teaching and Learning, Assessment and Feedback

  • Vocabulary is starting to be explicitly taught to enable children to articulate their learning and grow their knowledge of the world. Each of the six themes has a glossary of tier 2 and 3 words which teachers explicitly teach as part of the science learning journey.
  • Knowledge organisers are used to ensure that teachers have a secure understanding of the subject knowledge they are required to teach. This also allows teachers to have clarity around the objectives taught within each theme.
  • Children are taught the necessary knowledge and components to enable them to carry out at least three investigations per year. In doing so, pupils will develop their scientific enquiry and recording skills, the progression of which is described in the curriculum map.
  • Each year group has an exemplification document to support teacher assessments and to provide a clear framework across the trust to enable accurate assessments.


  • There is an emerging culture of scientific excellence at Totley Primary School:
    • Science clubs, for both KS1 and KS2 pupils, are oversubscribed and pupil voice show that pupils who have attended these clubs have enjoyed them and have a continued interest in science outside of the classroom.
    • Science ambassadors from upper key stage 2 attend meetings in their own time and have been responsible for planning and teaching science in other classes. They are also participating in the Ogden Primary Pupil Conference at Sheffield Hallam University.
    • We have been selected as the host school for an Ogden Partnership Phiz Lab. This will be a central location for schools within the Ogden partnership to use as a dedicated space for science. As part of this partnership Sheffield Hallam University is keen to develop community links and offer external expertise and learning.
  • Pupils take pride in their work as is evident in the presentation shown in their books. Pupils are applying the key vocabulary that has been explicitly taught across their science tasks.
  • There is evidence that pupils know more and remember more. Retrieval strategies are being used to re-visit prior knowledge and skills.
  • Most pupils leave Totley Primary School with at least the expected level of science knowledge and skills. Assessment is under refinement to ensure it meets the 4 pillars of assessment and allows for greater accuracy.