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Physical Education

Strategic Intent

To develop a curriculum which:

  • Instils a lifelong appreciation for the importance of physical activity in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and a lifelong love of sport.
  • Is tailored to meet the needs of all children, including the most vulnerable, so everyone can participate equally.
  • Challenges children to develop their skills and knowledge progressively, allowing them perform actions autonomously to focus on the tactical strategies   within a game.
  • Develops cultural capital by identifying sporting events, icons and history of sport.
  • Develops pupil’s attitudes to sports and game so they can challenge themselves and others whilst having a healthy mind set to losing as well as success.
  • Because most children at Totley Primary School have access to sporting clubs outside school, we have a challenging PE curriculum that allows children to achieve goals beyond the National Curriculum.
  • Because some children at Totley Primary School have developmental delays in their fine and gross motor skills, they access a tailored provision.
  • Because some children at Totley Primary School do not have access to enriching out of school opportunities, we provide the experiences we know are valuable in developing the whole child.


Content and Sequence

  • Using the Totley Contents and Skills Progression document, children in KS1 will develop their skills and knowledge of: fundamental movements, dance, gymnastics, team games, and striking and fielding. Children in KS2 will develop their skills and knowledge of: dance, gymnastics, athletics, team games, striking and fielding, outdoor, adventure activities and swimming. Learning is sequenced so skills are retrieved and practiced, then developed across year groups.

 Teaching and Learning, Assessment and Feedback

  • A learning journey in PE teaches children the component knowledge and skills they need to participate in a collaborative outcome.
  • Within a lesson, teachers give direct instruction through modelling, children refine their new learning before applying it to a sporting context. Teachers identify those children ready for greater challenge or further support and adapt the lesson and learning journey to take account of children’s needs.
  • Cultural capital is developed through an appreciate of current sporting events, positive role models and the history of sport, specific to the learning journey.
  • Our attitudes to learning are used to instil positive attitudes to sport: hard work, resilience, team work, independence, good listening and confidence.
  • Children are assessed against the Content and Skills Progression document. Children are assessed as either working below, at or beyond the expected standard. This assessment is used to tailor future learning so all children make progress.
  • Specialist teachers lead some PE lessons to provide CPD for staff through modelling best practice.


  • Children will be assessed in Foundation Stage, Year 2, Year 4 and Year 6 to show how they have developed in key areas of upper and lower body strength, flexibility, balance and speed. This will show how children have made progress with their physical development over their Totley Primary School PE journey.
  • The participation document will show how many children have accessed opportunities to represent the school in competitive sport.
  • Weighing and measuring data will show how children at Totley Primary school leave in Year 6 who are healthy and lead a positive lifestyle.
  • The Content and Skills Progression Assessment document will show how children have made progress in the 6 key areas across their Totley Learning Journey.

The Stewart Cup

Through-out the year, we run a football tournament. This includes every child in KS2 who wishes to take part. During an exciting ‘silent auction’, year 6 team captains bid for players which make up their team for the year (with a spread of all KS2 year groups, male and female). One or two matches are then played weekly, at lunch-time, through-out the year.

Extra Curricular Activities

We have a range of extra curricular activities taking place most evenings.  This includes a variety of sporting opportunities such as dance, gymnastics, karate, football, yoga and table tennis for a range of ages.


Totley Primary School Swimming Data 2018-19

Number of children in cohort: 32

Number of children who can swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of 25 metres: 31 (97%)

Number of children who can use a range of strokes effectively: 31 (97%)

Number of children who can perform safe self-rescue in different water based situations: 31 (97%)