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Personal Development

At Totley Primary School, we know that the academic curriculum and the co-curriculum are deeply interconnected and make up the two halves of a whole education. Children's Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (which we call Personal development) is both a discrete curriculum and intertwined into every area of school life.

Our singular intention is to ensure every child, whatever their background, can realise their full potential. They should enjoy school, feel safe and fully supported, be inspired to learn, and develop character and aspiration. In order to do so, we have a sequenced programme of personal and character development.  We are so committed to pupil success and well-being that we choose to think of every child we serve as if they are our own. We help children to build a rich bank of cultural capital to equip them with the knowledge they need to be open minded, tolerant and accepting citizens ready to make an immeasurable contribution to our community.

  • Most children at Totley Primary School benefit from a rich cultural capital which is fostered at home through enriching life experiences, so we strive to provide opportunities that build on an already strong foundation.
  • Many children at Totley Primary School already have high academic and professional aspirations because they have strong role models at home, therefore we broaden and enrich the curriculum beyond National expectations.
  • Some children at Totley Primary School are socially and culturally deprived.  We believe school should provide what home is not. Through our curriculum and extra-curricular provision, we strive to teach them the skills they need to manage their lives, now and in the future; to develop a positive character and to develop pupils’ confidence, resilience and knowledge so that they can keep themselves mentally healthy.

Our Personal Development Curriculum ensures all children:

  • Develop the qualities and attributes they need to thrive as individuals, family members and members of society.
  • Acquire the knowledge, understanding and skills they need to be aware, tolerant and accepting citizens, able to manage their lives, now and in the future.
  • Are able to manage many of the most critical opportunities, challenges and responsibilities they will face growing up.
  • Connect and apply the knowledge they learn in all subjects to non-academic situations, while helping them to feel safe and secure enough to fulfil their academic potential.

The primary aim is to enable the development of the 5 areas of personal development:

Activist An activist understands right from wrong. We want our children to grow up to be thoughtful, engaged citizens, so we help them to understand, and be a part of, social change.

Performer We know and value the skills that children develop through performance to an authentic audience. We ensure that every child develops as a performer in order to build confidence and proficiency in a range of skills.

Public speaker Public speaking is one of the most important forms of communication. A great public speaker is knowledgeable, confident, and able to form connections and motivate others. These are attributes we know are important to develop in all our children.

Leader Leadership skills allow children to have control of their lives, and the ability to make things happen and manage the most important decisions they face. Leaders think creatively, work collaboratively and develop responsibility.

Competitor Healthy competition inspires children to do their best, become inquisitive, learn to work with others, and to apply their knowledge and skills to authentic scenarios. The value of winning and losing are important experiences for our children.

We use these 5 areas to design opportunities that we make available to every child, every year.