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Our knowledge-rich curriculum means children can speak as experts about where in the world they live and develop an appreciation of different places and different lives. Children grow their understanding of human and physical geography, and the interaction between these processes, and learn how to describe the places they learn about. We link geography to other curriculum areas wherever possible, such as to give context for learning in history. A deep understanding and appreciation of the fragility of our planet is taught, so children leave us as respectful citizens of the planet. 

The geography curriculum is sequenced into three cycles. Each cycle builds on the learning of the last, and learning from previous year groups is important for children's next steps in learning. 

We capitalise on the very special location of our school and community. Children learn about why Totley is such a popular place to live on the rural-urban fridge, that the physical processes they learn about are in evidence aeon our doorstep, and we equip children with the skills and confidence they need to explore the local landscape safely. 

Children learn about geography at different scales, starting in the Early Years and Year 1 with developing a strong foundation of knowledge about where they live and how to describe it using the skills of a geographer. As children move up through school, children's learning balances learning about their local area and the wider world. Children learn how the physical geography of where they live is unique and fundamental to Sheffield's history in the industrial revolution in the past and the popularity of the Peak District today.