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Nourishing our children to flourish in the world.

At Totley Primary School, our aim is to nourish all aspects of a child's development to enable them to thrive in the world. We are an inclusive school that values high academic achievement and personal development at all stages.

Our inspiring and ambitious curriculum focuses on building children's subject knowledge in all areas and ensuring that this knowledge is retained and applied to authentic and challenging outcomes. Our committed staff team cares deeply for the children and is skilled in planning to meet their individual needs, both personally and academically.

We believe that strong relationships and wellbeing are crucial to children's development, and we encourage everyone at Totley Primary School to build exceptionally positive relationships. Our motto, "Good Friends Stick Together," reinforces this belief. Older children are encouraged to take on responsibilities and be excellent role models for younger children.

We place a strong emphasis on reading and aim for every child to be a fluent reader by the age of seven. If a child is not reading fluently, they are given every opportunity to catch up so that they can access a broad and balanced curriculum.

Our vision of nourishing children to flourish is supported by our school values of Relationships, Outcomes, Attitudes, and Development. We believe that learning is a journey, and we are committed to supporting every child on that journey.