We run a Breakfast Club each morning from 7.40am to 8.45am which can be accessed by all our children. The club is run by members of our support staff offers child care before school.  Further details can be found in our Breakfast Club leaflet.

The school day starts at 8.50am promptly and the playgrounds are staffed from 8.40am.  The children line up on their respective playgrounds when the bell rings.

We have assemblies each morning. On Mondays and Tuesday we have separate Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 assemblies and on the other days we meet as a whole school. We celebrate a range of religions though assembly as well as reinforcing key qualities such as resilience, the importance of good manners and reinforcing whole school rules. On Fridays our assembly takes place in the afternoon and is an opportunity to share pieces of work as a whole school.

Morning break takes places each day between 10.30am and 10.45am and lunchtime starts at 12.00pm. The younger children (FS2 and KS1) have an hour for lunch whereas the older children have an hour and ten minutes. This is because the FS2 and KS1 children have an afternoon break at 2.30pm whereas the older children work through to the end of school.

School finishes for the day at 3.10pm for FS2 and KS1 children and 3.15pm for KS2 children.  All children leave the classrooms on to the front playground where they are met by parents.

We run a range of extra-curricular activities but we do not have an after school club. A number of our families use the after school child care provision at Wizz Kid’s Private Nursery which shares our school site and their staff collect any children from the front playground at the end of the school day. Further details can be found here.