It is a requirement that all schools have a ‘Home/School Agreement’ and a copy of our school’s agreement can be found here:

Home/School Agreement

Oct 26, 2013, 66.77 KB

At Totley, we want to achieve the best for your child and hope that you will work with us to ensure their success. This agreement is for all to sign to pledge our commitment to this common aim.

In addition to the statement contained within the document, we would like to make clear our commitment to provide your child with a first class education irrespective of their ability, race, sex or faith. We are committed to ensuring that they feel safe, secure and valued at school and are free from threat and bullying. We have policies within school explaining our stance on these issues. Please ask to see them at any time.

I hope you find this document workable, clear, positive and friendly in tone. We have taken care to make it as specific as possible whilst keeping it brief and manageable. Our aim in producing the document is to provide something which will be supported by the overwhelming majority of our parents. I invite you to share this with your child and ask you to sign. We thank you for your time and hope that you will continue to support our school and its aims and values.