On Wednesday 11th November, the whole school stopped for 1 minute to remember the soldiers who had fallen in worlds wars. We had built up to this event by engaging with our assemblies, which looked at why we remember this day every year and specifically, what we were raising money for by buying Poppies. We also looked at what the Royal British Legion did and where our money goes to help. We sold out of poppies but children still put their money into the box anyway, which I was so proud of.

Around school, different classes followed on this learning from the assemblies in their classrooms, especially in Y5 and Y6. Y5 created their own remembrance garden, after researching different soldiers who lived in Totley and fought in WW1, then held their service out there. You can still see these on the path up to school! (Or read their blog!) Y6 spent the morning looking at poetry and wrote their own poems, inspired by the famous poem ‘In Flanders Fields’.

I am so proud of the children; they have really lived out our golden rule this week of respecting others. They have shown themselves to be reflective and recognised the importance of this event and so at Totley, we continue to remember those who fought for our freedom.

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