Wow, what an amazing performance! On Saturday the 7th January, at Brunswick Primary School, our 12 runners definitely made Totley proud. Especially because it was Phoebe Hawker’s first race and both Isabelle Wragg and Eddie Reece got PBs (personal bests), which was great!!

The weather was pretty cold but the runners cleared that from their minds and focused on the running – where they worked their socks off.

The course was very hard because in it, there were fields to run, a number of bridges to cross and a couple of marshy, muddy bits but after all those tough bits, fortunately a long down hill bit came and cheered everyone up. This day will obviously go down in Totley history!

Girls Y4 race:

Lily Round – 64

Connie Roberts – 74

Phoebe Hawker – 105 ( 1st time)


Boys Y4 race:

Archie Biggin – 22

Jack Budd – 41

Eddie Reece – 81 (PB)

Sonny Ford – 83


Girls Y5/6 race: 

Isabelle Wragg – 40 (PB)


Boys Y5/6 race:

Luke Craine – 42

Daniel Bates – 50

James Campbell – 86

Tom Drage – 105


Archie Biggin (Y4)

Race reporter

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