Last week Totley’s pupils became ‘Super Scientists’ in order to defeat some pretty nasty villains!!

Throughout school all pupils were involved in a range of investigations, covering a range of scientific knowledge and enquiry. There was a great deal of collaboration between classes – I know the Y5s and Y6s spent nearly the whole week together.

It was great for me to see our pupils getting involved and helping each other out. I had a fantastic week and was lucky enough to visit the other classes to see what they were getting up to. There were investigations into melting ice, separating materials and finding out how to slow down cars on a ramp in FS2 and KS1. Year Three were working on the theme of the body and were using this to help design their own superheroes. Year Fours were helping to design an outfit for Aquaman, using their knowledge of friction. In Years 5 and 6 they had to solve a series of problems in order to successfully rescue some gold that had been stolen.

There is an animoto below with some of our investigation work.

I would like to finish by saying a huge thank you to everybody for the effort put into last week. It was great to see the Batmobiles that had been completed as a whole school homework. It was also fantastic to hear about children who were so inspired by the investigations that they carried them on at home!!

Miss Goodbody