Our annual school football competition came to an exciting climax yesterday as Sunnyvale City and Gillifield United battled it out in the Lant Trophy final, with the whole school watching. The game was a tense affair, with neither side wanting to commit too many players forward, in fear of conceding a goal. As the crowd cheered the teams on, the tackles got more and more determined. The best chance in open play fell to Gillifield’s Charlie, who got himself into a great position. However, his powerful shot was blocked at the very last minute by the lunging Ed – a truly goal saving tackle! In the end, it was a penalty which broke the deadlock, with Sunnyvale skipper, Niall, calmly slotting away the spot kick. Well done to both teams, who played well throughout the season to make it to the final. Click on the gallery below to see action from the game and trophy presentation.