Saturday’s annual PTA fundraiser was once again a huge success, as the crowds flocked to join in the fun. Under sunny skies, the team had an early start as stalls and activities were set up. Just as energy levels started to flag, the BBQ came to the rescue and by 1 o’clock, we were raring to go!

The PTA have worked hard to bring further improvements to the Fun Day and one of the big hits this year was a World Cup football tournament which ran during the afternoon. Another brilliant idea was for the classes to involved with running their own stall, with the class making the most profit to enjoy the prize of a posh picnic at next week’s Duck Race event. It has to be said that the children were amazing, with over £400 being raised from their activities!

All in all, around £2000 was raised – a fantastic achievement. A massive thank you to all those who came to support and help and a big well done to our arena performers such as the gym squad. You were brilliant!