This year our school sports day went high-tech as a range of gadgets and machines enhanced the experience for the children. These included Stinger machines, which fire tennis balls to catch and Air T blowers which hover a ball at a constant height for children to hit.

Over the course of a lovely, sunny afternoon, the children moved around a carousel of activities. Some of these were competitive and  enabled the children to earn points for their house. Other activities were just for fun and were designed for the whole class to develop their teamwork skills.

Favourite events included the dive and catch challenge, the giant target throw and Kev’s continuous cricket.

Thank you to Dale and his team, for helping us to organise the day and for making it such a special occasion. Well done to the children for getting into the spirit of the day and competing enthusiastically but fairly. Congratulations must also go to Stanage, who were this year’s winning house again!

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