September is Roald Dahl’s birth month and the 13th September 2016 marked 100 years since he was born!

KS1 decided to celebrate this day by doing lots of exciting activities based on some of our favourite books by the author! We listened to ‘The enormous Crocodile’ read by Stephen Fry and learnt about his life and his work.

We then got in to our house teams and worked together across lots of ‘Dahl themed’ activities!

We thought about the sweet treats Charlie discovers in ‘Charlie and the chocolate factory’ and had a go at designing some of our own:
img_0597    img_0596


We had some fabulous ideas about what would happen when you ate the sweets too!

We created our own ‘Roly-Poly’ birds from ‘The Enormous Crocodile’ and ‘The Twits’ – we used lots of different materials to make each bird look different.


img_0588    img_0579 img_0577

In our outside area we had a go at making a ‘disgusting’ beard; full of cornflakes, tinned sardines and even stilton cheese that stuck in the bristles on Mr Twit’s face!

p1070846 p1070845 p1070844 p1070843 p1070842 p1070841 p1070840

We also made posters, coloured in our favourite characters, played games and used play dough to create pictures from the stories!


We had a fantastic day and learnt so much about one of Britain’s greatest authors!