This year we have made significant changes (and improvements!) to the way in which maths is taught. Leading these changes has been our maths co-ordinator, Mr Atkinson, who has developed a new approach which has enabled us to deliver the new National Curriculum effectively. Key features of maths teaching at Totley now include:

  • No fixed ability groupings – children are assessed by teachers continuously and grouped differently each lesson
  • Flexible teaching which allows us to spot mistakes and intervene quickly
  • A strong emphasis on teamwork, discussion and collaborative games when learning new skills
  • The use of concrete materials to scaffold learning
  • Giving all children opportunities to deepen their learning and apply their skills by linking maths to other areas of the curriculum
  • A high level of challenge for all children, with pupil voice being highly valued
  • Creative use of technology to capture evidence of children’s learning

Feedback from both staff and children has been very positive indeed, with children feeling more empowered as learners and teachers being better placed to address children’s misconceptions and know exactly what their next steps in learning may be.

We have had a great time this week as the children and teachers have shared their learning with parents, who have been invited into see the new system in action and get stuck in with maths lessons in school. Many parents commented that maths teaching has changed an awful lot since they were at school and that they would have enjoyed the subject much more if they had experienced our new approach!

Activities have included included garden centre problem solving in Y1, linking to their science topic on growing plants; measuring temperatures and liquids in Y2, inspired by their class story book “Superworm”; measuring perimeters on a grand scale in Y3, including parts of the school grounds; using co-ordinates in Y4 to plot the journey of slaved when the slave trade was rife, and in Y5, using iPads to solve ratio problems via QR code clues.

Here are some pictures from our week!

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