On Saturday 28th November at Bradfield school our cross-country team – Doggie Nuttall (Y6), Greg Todd (Y6), Ollie Wynn (Y5) and Luke Craine (Y4) – took part in their second cross-country race.

Despite the freezing cold, the course conditions were pretty good. It was a much easier course than the last one as it was a lot less muddy and there were also wider parts to overtake. This made for a much more exciting and closer race between the runners. All our team did AMAZING this week. Here are the positions they came in:

Y4 boys (1 lap race)

Luke recovered well after falling at the start to overtake loads of runners and made up lots of ground to come in 45th out of approximately 200 runners. He did brilliantly, improving on his first race result.

Y5/Y6 boys (2 lap race)

Douggie ran a fantastic race on Saturday morning, setting off at the front and keeping with the lead pack the whole way round resulting in an outstanding 4th place.

Ollie did great on Saturday as well, keeping a steady pace throughout and didn’t get too tired giving him the position of 105th and – in his words – an improvement from last time.

Greg did amazing on his first race on Saturday even though it was hard and cold he still managed to do his very best and came 135th.

This week’s race was great. Our school spirit warmed us even though the freezing weather turned our noses blue. Well-done team Totley!!!

Rosie Biggin (Race reporter)

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