The hardest run yet, at Longley Park

All of us had a wonderful time at our third cross-country run! Every single one of our runners was eager to race on Saturday morning.

The weather was miserable, great… However, our runners were anything but miserable. Douggie Nuttall (Y6), Greg Todd (Y6), Freddie Cressey (Y6), Sophie Taylor (Y6), Olly Wynn (Y5), Luke Craine (Y4) and a new addition to our awesome team, James Campbell (Y4) had all clearly had a very good night’s sleep!

The course was VERY , wet and hilly – typical cross country conditions!! There was also a muddy ditch in the he middle of the Y5/6 race which the runners had to wade through!

Luke Craine came 35th – well done Luke!

James Campbell came 72nd – a great effort for his first race!

Sophie Taylor came 80th – bravo Sophie!

Olly Wynn came 101st – he must be extremely proud of his position!

Greg Todd came 127th – well done Greg!

Freddie Cressey came 116th – an amazing result Freddie!

Douggie Nuttall came an outstanding 3rd place – well done Douggie you were great!


Team Totley have made us all proud again! GO TEAM TOTLEY!!!!!

The next race is Saturday 30th January at Brunswick Primary.

Rosie Biggin, Race reporter (Y6)

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