The seasons’s latest race was at Longley Park on the 3rd of December. It was freezing cold and I felt like my toes were going to fall off! Luckily, when you you started running, you warmed up. The first hill was the most difficult to run up. After that, though, you got used to it although it did feel like there were loads of up hills but not many down!

Loads of people were cheering us on, saying “Go on!” and “Come on!” The Y5/6 children had an extra lap to run but they still did really well, despite the cold weather.

It was Isaac Wileman’s first race and he did really well, coming 43rd! 14 people came to represent the team – another brilliant turn out. All in all, it was an amazing day and everybody enjoyed it!!!

By Race Reporter, Connie Roberts

Y4 boys 

Jack Budd 36th  

Eddie Reece 87th 

Ralph Loxley 93rd 

Sonny Ford 99th

Y4 girls 

Harriet Wragg 27th 

Connie Roberts 65th 

Lily Round 66th 

Y5/6 girls 

Isabelle Wragg 63rd 

Y5/6 boys 

Luke Craine 39th 

Issac Wileman 43rd 

Thomas Trickett 45th 

James Campbell 92nd 

Noah Loxley 93rd 

Tom Drage 102nd

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