On the Saturday 19th November, the   temperature was cold and crisp but Totley Primary soared to the finish. New starters Tom Drage & Connie Roberts did surprisingly well for their first race and the rest of the Totley team did well too. Some of our runners achieved P.Bs. It was in fact, the biggest Totley turnout so far with 14 runners. Concord had a hilly end to its course so the runners did fantastically well to cross the finish line. Y5/Y6 had an extra field to their course while Y4  had one lap to complete.

Y4 girls

Hattie Wragg 21

Lily Round   50

Connie 56

Y4 boys

Archie Biggin 30

Jack Budd 35

Eddie Reece 95

Ralph Loxley

Sonny Ford 117

Y5/6 Girls

Isabelle Wragg 56

Y5/6 Boys

Daniel Bates 43

Tom Trickett 56

Noah Loxley 103

James Campbell 122

Tom Drage 130

By Race Reporter, Harriet Wragg

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