Brunswick school was our second to last cross-country run and we smashed it! Most of our runners beat their last position, which is a great achievement! Well done guys! The weather was freezing; it was so cold, which is not ideal for most of the runners because the uniform is shorts and a t-shirt!

The course was three words: steep, muddy and long! At the beginning the guys had to run up a hill to a fence; then the course went down a hill in to a wood where there was a stream and a bridge. At the end was an extremely steep hill leading up to the finish line.

Everyone’s positions were great!

Luke Craine (Y4) came an amazing position of 19! Well done Luke!

Sophie Taylor (Y6) came a fab place of 68! Bravo Sophie!

Olly Wynn (Y5) came a brilliant 112nd! What a great position Olly!

Gregory Todd (Y6) came a great 118th! Well done Greg!

And last but certainly not least, Douggie Nuttall (Y6) came an outstanding 4th place! What a great score to be proud of Douggie!

Keep up the great work guys! For our final race at Graves Park we would like some more runners, thank you! (See Mr P if you’re interested).

Rosie Biggin (Y6)

Race reporter and photographer

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