Hello! This is a update from your science ambassadors! We’ve been having weekly meetings and discussing what we could do in science. In the future, we will be updating the website with animotos, what each class has been doing in science and more!

FS2 have been making bread. They have been looking at the changes in the bread with different yeast and the bread in the oven.

Y1 have been investigating about how you grow plants and have grown some sunflowers to see how they grow. They have also been on a quick trip to the allotments to see some vegetables and a big, BIG rhubarb. A lot of onions were there. Enough to make you weep!

The y2’s have been doing mini beasts for their science topic. They went on a mini beast HUNT!!! They also looked at life cycles and food chains.

This week y3 have been looking at plants. They have been investigating in whether plants need all their parts to grow & survive so to investigate they cut off every leaf & on the other plant they have being measuring which one grows the tallest, as well as looking at the parts of a flower!          

Y4 have been learning about chocolate. They have learnt how chocolate is made and the science behind the growth of a cocoa bean.Y4 also learnt it takes 7 years to grow a cacao tree , and a further 2 years to grow the cocoa pod.

This term Y5 have been learning about Egyptians. At the start of the topic they learnt how you mummify a Pharaoh. After lots of research, they used this information to write a piece of writing about the seven steps on how you mummify a pharaoh. This work was then put up on display for everyone to see around school. After this, they were asked to make something a mummified pharaoh would take to the afterlife such as: amulets, scarab beetles, necklaces, chariots and Egyptian chess boards. Parents were then allowed to come in to see an Egyptian museum that the Y5’s had made models for, we even made out own death masks! Parents loved the museum and everything in it! That was an amazing end to our topic!    

The Year 6s have been learning about light. They have researched different optical instruments, such as telescopes, binoculars and periscopes. They have investigated the effects of light when looking through different objects. Ben and Dominic used their computing skills to present their findings using Scratch!


We are looking forward to next half term and more SCIENCE!