School Vision, Aims & Objectives

Welcome to Totley Primary School.  Thank you for choosing our school. We are a small community school with high expectations of all our pupils. We believe learning should be fun and children should be inspired and motivated to learn. We like to think that we are memory makers and that all children leave us with happy memories.  Every decision we make has the children at the centre.

We believe in working in partnership with our families and listen to the needs of our community. The next few pages are designed to give you a taste of the school. I hope you find this information useful.


Totley Primary  School is a reflective school which has pupils at the heart of learning, where the environment complements the changing need of its community. It is a fully inclusive school that focuses on raising the attainment and achievement of all pupils.

Totley Primary   School is autonomous, taking responsibility for evaluating people’s strengths and areas for development and determining plans for improvement underpinned by investment in professional development.

The pupils will leave Totley Primary School with the confidence to take risks in their learning and show resilience in challenging times.

The pupils will leaveTotley Primary School with the necessary basic skills to approach new areas of learning with enthusiasm.

The pupils will leave Totley Primary School having experience of a broad curriculum, which offers opportunities to engage in different learning styles.

The pupils will leave Totley Primary School feeling secure with happy memories, having developed their personal skills to support themselves and others. This will enable them to be valued and responsible citizens and life long learners.

The pupils will leave Totley Primary School having regard for the changing global world, where people have tolerance and understanding of people’s individual needs and cultural styles.