Mr Stewart’s Easter Blog

Hello and welcome to my Easter blog.  It seems a while since I last wrote on the website and so many activities have taken place over the past term.  The biggest of which has been the conversion of our school to an academy which while it may not seem to be a big deal, has made a big difference to the running of the school. Our conversion coincided with join the Mercia Learning Trust along with King Ecgbert and Newfield schools and we are already benefitting in many ways from these enhanced relationships.

The children have worked incredibly hard this term and have produced work of a really high standard.   There have been some great activities and events in all the classes including a Y2 visit to Pevrill Castle,

On a sporting note we have not been too disrupted by the wet weather and have taken part in many events.  The class PE festivals at King Ecgbert have been really successful and the children have enjoyed the competitions against children from within our family of schools.  The Y5 football team have competed in the Sheffield Schools Football League and our Y2 and Y4 children took part in an athletics competition at the English Institute of Sport.  The Y4 children have also started their weekly swimming lessons and are improving each week and the Lant Trophy has reached it’s finale with the final being played on Thursday 1st May at 2.00pm.  In class time we have also had a number of specialist sports coaches delivering PE in class time and the children have benefitted from Multi-Sport Skills, Basketball and Football coaching this term.  The staff have also benefitted and are much more competent in teaching these sports.

The school grounds have changed somewhat since Christmas particularly after we reluctantly had to remove the two 100 year old beech trees from the field due to a root infection that left them prone to losing branches.  The carvings in the remaining trunks have quickly become a feature of the school grounds as have the climbing equipment that was created from the wood.  We have also created a new camp fire area towards the bottom of the school field and I can’t wait for the Y6 leavers’ camp in the summer to test it out.  We have a new set of signs that we are really proud of and we have plans in place to install a roof to the KS1 quad which will hopefully ensure the classes can spend longer in the outdoor environment.  Further work planned over the Easter break include installing patio doors to the Y6 classroom to enable access to the field, replacing fascias in the Y1 quad and replacing the brickwork in the KS2 wall playground.  You may also have seen the new ‘duck house’ that Mr Miller, along with a couple of helpful volunteers help to erect.  This will house the 6 Famous Totley ducks that Mrs Nicholson and the FS2 children helped to bring into the world.  They received some eggs from Whirlow Hall Farm and kept them in an incubator until they hatched.  The link to a video of them hatching can be found on the FS2 blog and hopefully they will remain part of the school for a number of years!

The Easter celebrations took on full swing and were a resounding success.  The celebrations started with two Easter services (one for each Key Stage) and while we were slightly worried over the impact of changing from previous years, more parents were able to get into the church and initial feedback was very positive.  The children certainly did us proud once again and their singing and reading was incredible.  We then held our annual egg rolling finals which coincided with the decorated egg competition.  The standard of decorated eggs was unbelievable and the we increased the number of ‘winners’ to ten!  I can’t write this blog without mentioning the PTA Easter Egg Hunt.  This was such a wonderful event with nearly 200 children attending.  We really are lucky to have such a fantastic group of volunteers on the PTA and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank them for all their hard work!

It looks as though we have avoided the cold weather that we have experienced in previous years and we can hopefully look towards the warm and sunny weather that the summer term brings.

Thanks you for all your hard work and support this term and have a wonderful Easter break.

Mr Stewart

April 2014