Hi guys!

We hope that you’ve had a lovely week. It’s been great to have been in touch with your parents to find out how you are getting on. We’re really happy that the home-learning is helping to give some structure and keeping your brains going, but also that you’re getting out for walks and have been enjoying the sunshine – let’s hope we get some more this week!

Lots of you have sent through your ‘500 word’ story and I’ve had such a lovely weekend reading them! I’ve been so impressed with how much effort you have put in. If you haven’t sent it through yet, please ask your parents to email it (by taking a photo on their phone if it is written) by Monday evening as on Tuesday, the shortlist will be sent to the TPS staff team to judge the winner!

Here’s your home-learning for this week. Keep in touch and feel free to ask your parents to email if there are any questions and to show us what you’ve been up to!

Keep safe xx

1. Timetable of activities

2. Monday
3. Tuesday
28.4.20 German Planet descriptions
4. Wednesday
5. Thursday
6. Friday