Hi folks! This is your home learning timetable for this week. It’s a shame that you can’t be in school but know that you are going to carry on with your learning at home. This work will help you with your future learning in Y6 so it’s really important that you try and complete it. If you are finding anything difficult, you can ask your grown up to email catkinson@totley.sheffield.sch.uk or ccorrin@totley.sheffield.sch.uk. You can complete this in your home learning books that you were given before the Summer, or the homework books that you packed before you were sent home on Friday. At the moment, we are expecting that you’ll be able to come back to school on Tuesday 22nd Sept, so we’ll post your work for Monday (21st) at the end of this week. We are looking forward to seeing your work when you come back!

1. Timetable of activities wb 14th Sept

2. Mon 14th Sept

3. Tues 15th Sept

4. Wed 16th Sept

5. Thurs 17th Sept

6. Fri 18th Sept