Hi Y6!

Here is your home learning pack. The tasks are all based around work that we have done in school before. The timetable gives you some structure to your week but remember to balance this with play and social time (with your family!) as you would do in school.

For English, your task over the course of the week is to work on your VE day report, completing a paragraph a day. There is a resource pack included to help you with this.

There is a reading task each day which will involve using a range of our Meta-mates. Remember to keep on with your reading for pleasure. You might want to complete 15 minutes of reading before lunch as you do in school, or choose another time in the day to do this.

For maths, there’s a worksheet to complete each day. There is a section of arithmetic practice, then some problem solving challenges along a different theme each day. You can check the Mr A’s YouTube channel for answers and see how to tackle each question. There’s a link on the Weekly Plan document. Do what you are confident to do, but don’t worry if there’s something you find tricky!

For the wider curriculum, take time to research and read. Lots of the tasks are creative and ready for you to make your mark in your own way!

If you have a question about the work or want to send us a picture of any work that you are proud of, ask your parents to send us a message. Mrs Corrin’s email address is ccorrin@totley.sheffield.sch.uk and Mr Atkinson’s is catkinson@totley.sheffield.sch.uk. Email a photo of anything you are really proud of and we can share it here on our class blog!

Remember to follow the golden rules and attitudes to learning at home as you would at school. We know that you are going to make us proud with your positivity and independence.


1. Weekly plan Year 6 week 1

2. Day 1 The travels of Marianne North

3. Day 1 Pie charts maths sheet 1

4. Day 1 Silent letters

5. VE day resource pack

6. Day 2 Mean averages maths sheet 2

7. Day 2 Reading Moonfleet

8. Day 2 Spellings

9. Day 2 using different types of conjunctions

10. Day 2 Wider curriculum sheet 1

11. Day 3 grammar Subject verb agreement

12. Day 3 Maths sheet 3 fractions

13. Day 3 Reading booklet Endangered

14. Day 3 Spellings

15. Day 4 prepositions mini test

16. Day 4 Reading The Charge of the Light Brigade

17. Day 4 rounding maths sheet 4

18. Day 5 and 6 Wider Curriculum Diversity

19. Day 5 Dumping waste in the sea

20. Day 5 English Grammar and Punctuation Test 2

21. Day 5 grammar present perfect and simple verb

22. Day 5 percentages maths sheet 5