Following a busy two weeks, Year Six have celebrated their successes with a Book Launch!

Over the past two weeks year 6 have collaborated with children from Hallam Primary to create a book in a group. They have been to a literature festival, had a workshop with an illustrator, met a Sci-Fi author (Daniel Blythe), skyped, emailed, written, illustrated and formatted their book onto a computer.

Today we had our official book launch. We went on the bus to Sheffield Memorial Hall at the City Hall. The children set out stands and talked about their books to parents, grandparents and friends.

Every child did an amazing job in creating their books.

There were a few awards which went to the following children:

Peter Tsang and Sarah Poole – Best Illustrators

Ruby Collyer – Most Original

Vera Steele – Best Story line

Teacher’s favourite – Journeys and Parallel Worlds.

Here is an animoto to show how they created their books, and a few photos from the main event!