Good morning!

I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend- the sunshine definitely helped and I spent a lot of it out in the garden.

A little note about your maths home learning:

Arithmetic… I’ll post a video each day of the strategies and tips you’ll need for each question. Feel free just to watch the parts you need, or not at all and just use the answer sheets to check your work. With the arithmetic questions, do the ones you’re confident of FIRST. Then, you could watch the video to learn how to solve the ones you’re not sure of.

Reasoning… I DON’T expect you do tackle all the sections. Try either Acquire/Refine, Practise/Apply OR Extend/Deepen. Some of you eager beavers might want to do more than one section, but there’s no expectation that you do so. The link at the top of each page is to a really useful video that shows you useful strategies and a few questions to try before you tackle the questions on your own.

Don’t worry if there’s something that really stumps you and you’re stuck on. Try your best, but remember it’s still early days in Year 6! We’ve got lots of time to master our learning, so I don’t want anyone worrying over questions they couldn’t crack.

So, without further ado, here’s today’s arithmetic video (you might hear me cringing all the way from my home in Bakewell- I’m not a natural at home movies!).