Apologies but there are two errors on the home learning for today. The writing activity for today is the task outlined in the weekly timetable:

Writing – PiP- Look back at the ‘Immerse’ sheet from Wednesday last week (29th). Write your Mass Observation blog post using the plan you wrote last Thursday. Include the ‘Toolkit’ you have practised this week: formal register, passive voice and subjunctive form.

Spelling – Log on to Spelling Shed and practise your spellings for 15 mins.


The PPT page in today’s pack is yesterday’s and copied over when creating and collating the home learning for today. Sorry about this.

Also, the Espresso Coding password is covered by the picture – another formatting issue!

Here are the details:

Username –  student26715
Password – TotleyCoding!


Sorry for the inconvenience.