Six of the girls football club had a fantastic time at an FA football festival this afternoon. There were lots of different activities that the girls participated in including: learning how to referee, ‘free-styling’, shooting, goalkeeping, and meeting 2 FA Women Football Players. Some of the girls even go to stand up to do a dance with the mascots during the opening ceremony!!

The girls spent the morning playing 4 football games against other school teams. They played really well (especially considering they have not competed as a team before). Here were the results…

1st Match – Lost 1 – 0

2nd Match – Drew 0 – 0

3rd Match – Won 1 – 0

4th Match – Won 1 – 0

As always, the girls made us extremely proud with their brilliant attitude towards all of the matches and the other teams.

The girls had a brilliant day and I’m sure they would agree that it encouraged their love of football even more!