Hi year 6!

I want to say a massive thank you for all of the 500 word stories that I have had the pleasure of reading over the last week. I was totally blown away by the quality of them. There was such a great mix of different stories and so much creativity!

I shortlisted to 6 stories (which was really hard!) and then sent them to the whole of the Totley staff team to judge. I got so many emails about how fantastic the stories were and everyone was really impressed. Lots of the staff have taught you before and couldn’t believe how much your writing had come on! So a huge well done to you all.

But…. there could only be one winner! The story with the most votes from staff was….

Garbage to great by Harry Wynn

Here it is….

Garbage to great

Glancing at my history test the teacher announced with pride that I had got 100 per cent on my test. I hid my face. Eyes pierced through my skull – eyes that were not saying well done.

Sitting at my normal table, in the corner, alone, I saw everyone staring at me like they were staring at an ancient artefact but mouthing hateful words they knew would hurt me. I tried to walk away but was shoved over in the corridor. “Garbage!” I heard them mutter. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, the bell rang. I was free.

In complete despair, I moped home, meandering through the back ally-ways, trying to avoid everyone. I arrived home with tears dripping down my face.

I found myself in the garden, spade in hand, about to bury the cause of both my only happiness and my misery – my history books. Tears turned to anger as the spade smashed through the solid ground. My weak body straining as it was only used to turning over the pages of what I was now burying. A piercing noise rattled through my ears and I knew I had struck metal. With increasing speed, I scraped away the soil, thoughts rushing through my head of what it could be. I didn’t feel weak anymore; excitement gave me strength. Excitement turned to sadness as I pulled out a rusty scrap of metal. Then I realised this was no piece of junk. It was a Roman…….

Suddenly I saw a lambent light and was frozen with fear. Taking in my new, alarming surroundings I realised I stood in the gladiator entrance of a Roman amphitheatre where chariots charged, lions roared and gladiators laid slain. My small body was shaking although I wasn’t sure if it was through fear or the weight of the gladiator armour I was now wearing. I heard the shouts of the crowd as a fellow gladiator was slaughtered and I knew I could be next.

A brontide crash of excited murmurs pummelled towards my trembling body. Shouts ran through the air as the lions were released. A tall muscular man strode by my side. “We got this,” came a deep voice and relieved, I knew we were fighting together.

With no time to think, a lion charged at us but the warrior was ready and blocked the attack. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a shield in a cage full of venomous snakes. I remembered what the bully had said and went to prove them wrong. I squeezed my ‘wimpy’ body between the bars and nimbly stretched over the treacherous creatures. With the shield in my grasp, I ran back to my ally to give him the shield. I knew with his strength and my brains we could make out of this alive. I handed him over the shield and from his belt he handed me a sword…. a sword I recognised.

I woke thinking that this was just a dream but as I gained more consciousness, I felt the icy, metallic surface of a roman weapon lying in my hand.