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Maths- Wednesday 23rd September

Here’re the maths videos for Wednesday’s arithmetic and reasoning.

Story Time, Monday 21st September

Here’s today’s story time for you all.

I am hopeful we’ll be able to finish Kensuke’s Kingdom this week! It’s such a fantastic tale: sharing it with Year 6 is, quite honestly, a top highlight of each year. Just got goosebumps thinking about it!

Tuesday 22nd September arithmetic review

Here’s the review of Tuesday 22nd September arithmetic questions:

Home Learning Monday 21st September

Hello everyone!

I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend.

For most of you, Monday will be the last day of home learning before we return to school after our isolation. Firstly, another but still massive well done for your hard work, resilience and positivity in what has been a strange time. Like I said earlier, it felt like we’d settled into a great routine in the first few weeks of Year 6 only to have to pack up and head home again. Fingers crossed that we stay in school now without interruption, and that we are all safe, healthy and well in the weeks and months ahead.

There are some extra video links in today’s pack, so make sure you access them for your teaching input. Scroll down on the blog below this post for the maths videos (there’s also an arithmetic lesson fo ryou to join in with that I’d like you to follow along with).

FInally, we want to say how much we are looking forward to seeing you back bright and early on Tuesday. Don’t forget to wear your PE kit!

Love and best wishes,

Mr A, Mrs C and Miss D xx


Maths Reading Writing and SPaG Wider Curriculum
We’ll continue to hone and perfect our addition and subtraction skills. Recap your learning so far to remind you how, then practise by applying your skills to problem solving. Read your own book for 15 mins each day (like ERIC time).

Complete the Professor Pattern Sniffer and Golden Retriever questions about Earthquakes.

Writing -TOOLKIT 4 – WALT use expanded noun phrases.

Recap on expanded noun phrases using the video link, and then complete the activities.

SPaG – Relative clauses.

Spellings practice.

As Geographers, WALT explore the causes and effects of climate change.

Here is the link to Monday’s home learning.

Monday 21st September


Monday Maths

Good morning!

Here are the maths videos you need for today’s home learning.

First, an arithmetic lesson by me for you to join in with. We’ll learn how to add and subtract fractions, which builds nicely on the multiplication and division of fractions we’ve been practising.

Arithmetic Review: follow along to check through your calculations. Feel free to skip to the ones you’re not sure about after checking your answers using the answer sheet in the pack.

And here’s the maths lesson video from White Rose Maths. It’s a recap of the addition and subtraction strategies you’ve learnt so far, so that back in the classroom, we can crack on with our current learning journey.

Story Time, Friday 18th September

Here’s story time for today, Friday 18th September.

Maths videos Friday 18th September

We’ve made it to Friday! A big well done to everyone for your hard work and positivity this week.

We’re all set to be back in the classroom together on Tuesday, so we’ll upload your home learning for Monday as a single pack.

Have a LOVELY weekend (and remember, we’re here to help if you need anything before our return to school).

Mr A x


On the reasoning, try the Flashback 4 if you fancy, but feel free to skip to the main lesson. You’ll need to pause the video early on to try question 1 (make sure you do- it’s all part of the plan!).


Story time, Tursday 17th September

Thursday’s maths videos

Hi there guys.

Here’re the maths videos you’ll need for Thursday’s maths. Being honest with you all, I can’t wait to get back into the classroom and teach you in person!

Hope everything is going well,

Mr A 🙂



Story time, Wednesday 16th September

Here’s today’s story time, where we finish Chapter 7.