Year 5 Commemorate Remembrance Day

On the 10th-11th November, Y5 created poppies and planted them outside on the field. Our inspiration grew from Paul Cummins and Tom Piper who made the Seas of Poppies displayed at the Tower of London last year. You are able to view the poppies from the up-hill path leading to the school.


With only red card, black modelling clay and wooden sticks, every individual pupil put together one poppy to remember a soldier who fought in World War One. Some children made poppies to honour citizens; others made theirs to remember Totley citizens that died in the war.


At ten to eleven, Y5 went onto the school field and planted the poppies in the soil. As the bell rang, we all held one minutes silence and remembered the brave people that fought for our country.


Mrs Wileman (Head Teacher of Totley Primary School) shared her thoughts about our installation. She was impressed with the way Y5 had showed respect for the fallen soldiers. “There’s a real significance in displaying poppies to remember Totley’s soldiers,” she explained. One Year 5 pupil described, “When I was creating my poppy, I thought it was a great chance to remember people that went to fight in the war.”


Remembrance Day (Armistice Day, 11th November) is a brilliant opportunity to thank the soldiers that saved out country. All our poppies are different and show that every soldier is unique; not one the same. Come and see our poppies on the field!


By Maria Ai and Amelia White

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