Hi Y5!

Hi everyone!

After the catch-up phone calls and the news of Y5 not returning for the end of the school year, Mrs Croft and I have decided to try and keep everyone feeling part of the class by making a weekly newsletter. It is a light-hearted sharing and celebration of Y5 because you are all doing such wonderful jobs whatever your current situation and circumstances are.
I have to be honest, this is all Mrs Croft. In it you will find examples of Home Learning and home life from classmates as well as book and website recommendations. It’s simply a way to try and keep Y5 feeling connected and together 🙂
I will email and upload it each week, so keep the work and photos coming in!
Please let me know if you send something, but don’t want it to be considered for the newsletter.
A huge thank you to Mrs Croft for doing this, and a huge thank you to everyone for showing so much support through this time, but also recently as I go back into school to support the Hub.
Mr Cooper and Mrs Croft