Hi everyone!

I hope you’ve had an absolutely wonderful half term! The sun has been shining, and social distancing measures have meant we have been able to meet with 1 other person outdoors. It was my mum’s birthday, so I was able to surprise her in the garden!

You might be hearing that a lot of changes are starting to happen once again. Never fear! Your Home Learning is here which means videos of my voice are just around the corner 🙂

Maths – We look at volume of shapes which we haven’t yet covered, but we have the skills to do so (multiplication)

English – I loved your poems, and I will post some next week. This week, we are looking at writing formal letters of complaint

Reading – Retrieving information from increasingly tricky texts

Wider Curriculum – I loved doing a subject a week, so we are having a recap of how our Government works in the UK. It’s very in-keeping with the current news, and will help you retrieve knowledge and understanding from way back before Christmas!

WER robotics competition – There is still a chance to enter into any of the 4 competitions! Just email your entry to me 🙂

German – Frau Griggs has been having a play around, and created a Google Slides document for you to all explore https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1Z5oDfJ7EaZfT3-Lm3Ca3lIVFd3eibTIemd8CXxGfYzw/edit?usp=sharing 

1. week 1 Sum 2 timetable

1.6.20 MON

2.6.20 TUE

3.6.20 WED

4.6.20 THU

5.6.20 FRI