I completely forgot to upload the Home Learning on Friday, I’m so sorry!

Here is your final Home Learning as Y5s! As normal, your last week of school will be transition where you are all Y6s :0

This week, your DO NOWs on maths and English are from across the year, so the categories will change each day. The Wider Curriculum is all about reflecting on our time together in Y5. Please make sure you put aside some time to take a good look at that work this week as it is always one of the favourite times of year.

There might even be a few extra special videos for those lessons, so keep an eye out…

1. week 6 Sum 2 timetable

6.7.20 MON

7.7.20 TUE

8.7.20 WED

9.7.20 THU

10.7.20 FRI