Hello everyone!

It was so lovely to hear from you all. Myself and Mrs Croft really enjoyed another catch-up, and it’s so good to touch base verbally. It sounds like a lot of us are in the same boat now with little outbursts of anger, tears or lack of general energy (the children too!), but we are all finding solutions that work for our individual circumstances.

I just want to say a huge thank you again for your continued support, and you are all doing the absolute best for your children (even if you don’t always feel like you are!).

Here is the Home Learning for next week. As you may know, the phased return starts on Monday. I will be supporting a ‘bubble’ of children, but I want to maintain the standard and routine for everyone as much as I possibly can.

I may not be able to reply to emails quite as promptly in the day. There will still be videos, but they may be a little shorter (it’s my own fault. I talk too much!). Also, the maths is from a scheme of work and teaching resource which means they are all separate documents (sorry!). It does mean there is an answer sheet (wahoo! No peeking!). I have still made DO NOWs for maths, and managed to put all of this into one maths document for the week.

If all of that has just confused you, I’ve made a video to explain myself better:

1. week 3 Sum 2 timetable

15.6.20 MON    The Space Race PPT

16.6.20 TUE  & 16.6.20 GERMAN design an outfit

17.6.20 WED

18.6.20 THU

19.6.20 FRI


MATHS DO NOWS (every day is on this doc)

MON maths      MON maths ANSWERS

TUE maths       TUE maths ANSWERS

WED maths      WED maths ANSWERS

THU maths        THU maths ANSWERS

FRI maths         FRI maths ANSWERS