Hi, Year 5!

Well, the sunshine has gone, and some much needed rain is upon us. A steady trickle through the day is much better for the ground than a quick downpour.


Yesterday, my brain wasn’t firing on all cylinders and the volume questions 6 and 7 were explained wrong!

6 – even though it is a cuboid there is no reason y is 7, it can be any depth. For Year 5, you could replace y for any number that would show an understanding of the properties, or 7 x 3 x y = 21y (stepping into Y6 territory…)

7 – again, for some reason I assumed the sides were equal. The answer is simply e x a x t or eat as there is no numerical values within the task.

I think I had a bit of a lockdown brain moment, and thank you to those who pointed it out!