What a year! We have had an incredible year – but don’t take our word for it – read the class’ own reviews of the year …

Year 5 review of the Year
By Charlie D and Jack

Year 5 class of 2016/ 17 has been like a pack of Randoms – you don’t know what will happen next! We have had 3 Teachers: Mrs Hadabora, Mr Flevil and Mr Atkinson were always there for us, even when we don’t know what to do! Whether it was Magna with its exhilarating zones, the scary, strict and intimidating Victorian Classroom, or the crazy panto, the last twelve months have left us all with unforgettable memories.

Trips- brilliant! Brilliant because of the Victorian Classroom: brilliant because of Magna: brilliant because of the Panto; brilliant at every moment. This year, one of the main highlights has been our trips, therefore they were fun exiting and enjoyable.

Flour Babies
We looked after a flower baby- crazy! As well as the fabulous trips, we had to look after a flower baby (it was a bag of flower!) Although we were meant to look after them carefully, many were leaking within the first fifteen minutes. Looking after a flower baby was a great highlight or Year 5.

Christmas- wonderful! Wonderful because we got free presents from Santa, wonderful because of the Christmas play, wonderful because of the chocolates we got in school. Firstly, in the Christmas performance, Y5 totally rocked! Secondly, the Christmas craft day was fun, exiting and fabulous. We must have been good because Santa visited us all!

We had lots of great times in Year 5: the fun trips (Magna, Victorian Classroom, and more), the crazy flour babies (a bag of flour), or Christmas (a big wow!) The more we learnt, the more fun we had. Amazing, spectacular, fun – Y5 has been a great year! This year, we have had many fun times, and moments that will be remembered.

Y5 – it zoomed by!
By Lottie, Evie and Emily F

Even though we’re sad this year’s over, year 5 class of 2016/17 has been like an unexpected cup of tea- not too sweet but not too sour. We have 3 amazing teachers: Mr Atkinson (our main teacher) , Mrs Hadabora (who is our teaching assistant) and Mr Flevill (who has completed his teacher training) were always there for us even when the classroom was a tip and they couldn’t stand it. Whether it was the all the exiting trips we went on, the amazing Christmas performance (y5 totally rocked there carefully choreographed dance) or the amazing progress we have made throughout the year, this year has left us with memories that will last for ever.

We have been on many exiting trips this year. Magna was one of them: we nearly missed the bus! Throughout the day, the Victorian Classroom (which was ran by Miss Sharp) was strict. Young Voices- loud! Loud because of the music blurting out of the speakers; loud because of the cheers coming from the crowd; loud when we were all singing. We left all these fun-filled trips happy and excited for the next one.

Christmas, was by far the best term at school this year! The first ever Christmas fair was epic, and the pantomime at the Chesterfield lyceum didn’t feel quite right but it was the cherry on top. As the school holidays drew closer and closer, each and every one of us knew it was time for the one and only Christmas performance – which Y5 were elves in – and the Christmas PARTY. To round off our topic on the Victorians we had a Victorian Christmas craft day: we made reefs (out of the foliage we collected for our homework), calendars (that had a silhouette of us on the front), stockings (that could only fit sweets and chocolate in) and many more. By the end of the year I knew I had been very good because Santa visited me and I didn’t get any potatoes or coal.

Everyone made loads of progress this year! Y5 has made the most progress throughout the year: everybody has improved in reading, everybody has improved in maths, everybody has met (or exceeded) the end of year target. Everybody will miss Y5, but we are defiantly ready for year 6. The effort has certainly paid off!
Sports year
This year, has been packed full of fun and exciting sports activities. Y5 entered the sport, move and learn project, which was action-packed. The best part of the sporty school year was the rounders’ and cricket tournament: the team we were in came 3rd, we got a t-shirt each (they had facts about the tournament on the back), but the best part of all was taking part and having fun. During sports week, we had sports day and the dream mile (they were both exhausting). Throughout, all of Y5 each and every activity has made us more and more fit and healthy.

Even though we are sad that Y5 is nearly over, we are ready for the adventures and opportunities in year 6. It has been wonderful (but we will miss our teachers) celebrating the end of term, Christmas or the Victorian classroom! This year we can be proud and go into Y6 with our heads held high. Year 5 has left us with memories never to forget, but we are ready for the challenges – which can be a range of things – in Y6. WE WILL NEVER FORGET THIS YEAR!!!


Our review of the year!

By Emily G and Mildred

Y5 class of 2016/17 has been like a roller-coaster: goes in a flash, has it’s ups and downs and stops before it starts. We had teachers: Mr A, Mrs H and Mr Flevil (completing his teacher training) – they were always there for us, even when we didn’t put the lids on the glue sticks (apparently  that’s where they belong!). Whether it was the cricket match at Abbeydale, the exhilarating athletics competition (the heats and finals) or the Victorian Classroom, the last 12 months will stick in our heads like butter to bread.

The Victorian Classroom!

The trip to the Victorian Classroom was scary but an amazing experience. Firstly, the teacher- Mrs Sharp- was very strict. In the Victorian times, the boys and girls got segregated from each other. We learnt loads: we got dressed up and some children got special roles , Tom got to be the door monitor,  Harriet got to be the gossip girl and I got blamed for having sweets in my bonnet and  Charles made me put a book on my head to improve my posture. At the end, Daniel Bates and I got a prize for being the best boy and girl. The Victorian Classroom was a truly amazing experience.


The trip to Magna was so cool. In particular, I loved the exploded hydrogen to make rockets; also the playground was epic. There were many highlights in Magna: The Big Melt, the fire tornado and the rocket launch. At the water zone, Zoe and I got really wet. Magna was certainly a cool trip.


Throughout the year, I have enjoyed the exciting activities that have taken place; with many highlights from Y5. Sports day- wow. Amazingly, I won 3 races (and came second.) My successful races were the sack race, relay and egg and spoon (with Charlie J and Kasper.)I came 2nd on sprint- out of the whole class (even the boys!) My other highlight was cricket and rounder’s inspired by my cousin Joe! I got through to the athletics tournament- I was gobsmacked: I hadn’t even thought of it. When I got to the finals, my heart skipped a beat and I still don’t know the results- fingers crossed! I have enjoyed all the sporty activities from top to bottom, throughout Y5.

Y5 class of 2016/17 has gone by in a flash. Our 3 teachers: Mr A, Mrs H and Mr F have had a good time as well as us for the past 266 days (5424 hours) which have gone like lightning and will stay in our heads like slime to wooden floor board.


Review of the Year

By Jahiem

Year 5 of 2016/17 has been like fish and chips – it is my favourite meal and it’s been my favourite year! Our teachers (Mrs Hadabora, Mr Flevil and Mr Atkinson) were always there for us, even when we were not paying attention, whether it was a boring English lesson or a boring maths lesson

In year 5 we have been on lots of fun trips. We have been on 5 school trips. At the amazing Magna, we laughed and had fun. As you can see, we have been on lots of fun.

At Christmas Y5 dressed up as elves and rocked the performance. The audience stood up and cheered for us because we rocked the whole room. It was hard to get an elf’s costume because they ran out!  We were all sweating because we were dancing for a long time. As you can see we worked hard for our performance.

Year 5 has certainly been my favourite year!  Whether it was going on a wonderful school trips or performing (as elves) in front of a impressed audience, Year 5 has been the best.


Review of Year 5

By Zac and Kasper

Year 5 class of 2016/17 has been like a great rap – some slow beats, some fast beats but all great beats! We’ve been on lots of trips: Magna, Victorian Classroom, Young Voices concert (which was amazing) and lots more.  For our life cycle topic, we had to look after flour babies.  It’s been a busy, but exciting year.


Magna was an exciting trip.  When we got to Magna we saw 4 different elements: the first one was water then air, then Earth, then our favourite was the last which was fire.  The favourite thing was the fire tornado, dressing up like a fireman and being with my best bro Tyrese.  When we went to see the element, Earth, it had unexpected diggers that we have never seen. You could go under tunnels, which we got stuck in (so funny).  Next we saw the element, water which was quite fantastic because of all the fun machines there were a swell as getting the chance to mess around with the water.


The trip to the Victorian Classroom – which just sounded scary – and when we met Miss Sharp, things got even worse. When we got on the inside of the building, the boys had to vs the girls, we learnt a lot. After are encounter with Miss Sharp, we went from cheeky to well behaved. When we managed to get to the classroom alive that’s when she started to shout.  Although it was scary, the Victoria Classroom was a great trip.


As part of our life-cycles topic, we had to look after flour babies.  It wasn’t an easy job to do, in-fact, when I picked mine up for the very first time, it puked all down my top!   When Theo’s puked on him, he dropped it (naughty boy). They were very irritating and people looked at me weird.   Kasper, dropped his baby in the classroom, however, somehow, Kasper managed to make a cake (yum) which, in my opinion, is bad parenting!   Having our flour baby showed us how difficult it can be to look after a baby!

It’s been a great year.  Year 5, class of 2016/17 has been like a fast rap from our favourite rapper, Dizzy Rascal!


Our Review of the Year

By Harriet and Charlie J

Year 5 class of 2016/2017 has been like rollcoster are teachers: Mrs Hadabora, Mr Flevil and   Mr Atkinson, were always there for us even when we leave glue lids off the glues!  Whether it’s the Victorian classroom, the flour babies (a bag of flour) or the magna trip, the last 12 months have gone so fast!

In y5, we have been on loads of fun school trips! We have been on six school trips others went on Severn school trips (young voices!)

The Victorian Classroom!

The Victorian classroom –strict! Strict because of the work; strict because of miss sharp; just STRICT! Harriet got to act the gossip girl, but she didn’t have to act for that, it just came naturally to her!!! I think everybody enjoyed themselves, even though it was so strict!

Flour baby!

We got to look after a flour baby! YEAH! With us reading ‘my flour babies’ Mrs H and Mr A thought that they would give us a challenge of looking after are own baby (a bag of flour! Some of us were happy; others would disagree!


At Christmas, y5 dressed up as elves and rocked the Christmas performance! It was hard to learn the moves, because the moves were so good! As you can see we worked hard for the performance.


Totley primary school, came second in the y5 cricket team by half a run! We were so close! But one of the rounder’s came 3rd and one came 4th better look for the next y5s, come on Totley!!!

In year five, we have had a great year! There was some hot times and some cold! Whether it was looking after a flour baby, our trip to the Victorian classroom or the Magna trip, over the past 12 months, many memories have been made!


Review of the year

By Molly

Year 5 of 2016/17 has been like a bag of sweets- some times were sweet and some were sour. Our teachers Mr A, Mrs H and Mr Flevill, were always there for us, even when they had to be mean at the Victorian Classroom! Whether it was a boring maths lesson, the wonderful Magna (the play area was great) or looking after a bag of flour. The last 12 months have left us with memories that will last forever.

At the start of the year, we all went on an amazing trip to Magna. At Magna there was an incredible fire tornado, and it span as fast as a fidget spinner at full speed. Magna was truly amazing.

In our life cycle topic, we were so excited because we were told we would have to look after a cute little baby. When it turned out to be a bag of flour, we were devastated. We had to look after a bag of flour for a week and it was easy because it didn’t do anything (except look like a bag of flour.)  At the end of the week we were so pleased we could take them home. I loved the cake I made with it. Theo dropped his on the flour and it exploded everywhere. Theo was so upset. NOT. This made our life cycle topic fun.

At the start of the year, during the Victorian topic, we got on the bus to town and there is the Victorian Classroom.  When we got there, the girls had to stand in separate lines and even go in different doors. After 10 minutes getting up the stairs, we got to the Victorian Classroom. Because we were Victorian children we had to look the part. Our teacher for the day was Miss Sharp and boy was she sharp. While the boys were having a hand writing lesson the girls were having an amazing sewing lesson .At the end of the day we were happy to slouch. This trip brought the topic to life.

Y5 has been an amazing year. We are all sad its over. Some moments were sweet – Magna and some moments were sour – the Victorian Classroom. Y5 has left us with many memories, but now it’s time to make new memories as we take on the responsibility and challenges of y6.


Review of Y5 2016/17

By Daniel M and Zain

This year, Y5 has been like the flash of a camera, it’s bright and the outcome will last forever. Mr Atkinson, Mrs Hadabora and Mr Flevil were always there for us, even when we were in a different world. The top 4 highlights will have to be the Victorian Classroom, Magna, Christmas and Young Voices.  It has been a great, heart pounding year, going very fast!

The Young Voices Concert at the Sheffield Arena was incredibly loud: we were very enthusiastic. Altogether, there was a huge number of five thousand people. In the arena we sang our hearts out in front of relatives.

The Victorian classroom (ancient) was great, but intimidating! We had a very strict teacher (Miss Sharp), who we needed to call ma’am. I was given the role of an ordinary Scoller (student). Our fake Teacher was scaring us with her rules! After a scary lesson, we all went outside to play with some old fashioned toys.

During our space topic, we went to Magna. Once we got there, we were introduced to a massive playground with loads of super cool swings.  After we got into the building, an expert taught us about the constellations in the sky. After that, we learned a lot from 4 different compartments: Earth, Water, Fire and Air. In the fire department, we saw an amazing fire tornado!

Christmas at Totley Primary School was one of the best! Our Christmas Performance rocked! – We were elves! Our whole school went to see Aladin in the pantomime, which was in Chesterfield this time! Because our topic around the time was the Victorians, we had a Victorian Christmas craft day where we made Crackers and more!

Y5 has been like the flash of a camera, it’s bright and the outcome will last forever. We have found some amazing memories this year, and we are looking forward to next year to find some more!


Y5 Review of the year

By Theo

Y5 class of 2016/17 has been like a rollercoaster- a crazy ride full of twists and turns. Our teachers (Mr Atkinson, Mrs Hadabora, and Mr Flevill) were always there for us, even when we were chatting and not paying attention! My mind is packed with experiences: Magna, the wonderful young voices and the flour babies are a few of them. The last turn is ahead.


Magna was a brilliant trip to make our learning fun. The thermal bench was the funniest because it showed your butt cheeks when you sit on it. My favourite part was the fire tornado (everyone watched it). Everyone loved Magna as you can see.

Young Voices

Young Voices was enjoyable and noisy at the same time. The y5s raised the roof and we were definitely the best: everyone sang there socks off, and we danced to a carefully choreographed piece. Young Voices was a highlight to remember.

Flour babies

When we got our babies it was a massive surprise they were bags of flour. Everyone took good care of their flour even though it was a bit weird. Although I took great care of care of my flour baby I dropped it and it exploded all over the corridor. It was truly devastating. The flour babies were another great highlight of the year.

Even though we are looking forward to the new adventures ahead, we are all still sad it’s over. The many trips we’ve shared and the surprises we’ve overcome will mean that we’ll go into y6 with a smile on our faces. It’s time to make new memories in the responsibility of y6.


Review of the year!

By Ruby and Rebecca

Year 5 class of 2016/17 has been like a puzzle of surprises and fun. Our teachers, Mrs Hadabora, Mr Flevill and Mr Atkinson were always there for us, even when we weren’t listening!

The Christmas play was awesome. The party was during the Christmas craft day and we made wreaths (I’ve still got mine). The Christmas play encouraged parents to watch. The show was amazing and we rocked the house down. Santa visited everyone.

The trips made y5 brilliant. The Victorian classroom had many jobs- Charlie D was even caned (it wasn’t real!).  Magna, the warm, wet, windy and rocky building of science, set this explosive year of with a BANG! We were going to London, but unfortunately it has been delayed until next year so we can’t wait.  Y5 had the best trips.

The memories we made in y5 were brilliant. Our main memory was Magna, because of its different elements and the gift shop. We had great memories from the Victorian classroom some were scary; others were fun. We remember being elves in the Christmas play. We will remember these when we’re older.


Our Review of Y5

By Tom and Toby

Throughout the year, Year 5 has been the greatest year.  Firstly, we saw a fire tornado at Magna. Also, we enjoyed cooking at the Victorian village. In addition, I did a PowerPoint about London. The Year has been good!

At home, I have lots of fun. Firstly, I play with my little puppy, but she isn’t really that small anymore! Also, my tablet lets me pay with lots of other people around the world, like on Block City Wars and Pixel Gun 3D. In addition, I help my mum around the house, such as walking the dog with her or tidying my room. At home, sometimes it can be boring, but at least I can play.

Young voices

Young voices –was a unique experience.  Young voices (Totley were clearly the best) was super loud, due to everybody’s practicing. Everybody danced (including the teachers) to the music. Most people (including the crowd) brought lights, to make the arena light up. We clearly had fun, as we couldn’t hear ourselves when it had finished.


Magna was by far the best trip. The bits of Magna (an old steelworks) are divided up in to elements: water (with ice banisters), Earth (with the exploding TNT), air (with the air rocket) and fire (with the giant magnet to pick up cans).Every so often this thing called the big melt came on and told you about the old steelworks. My favourite (and loads of others) section was the fire section, due to the fire tornado

So as you can see, this has been one of the best years ever. One of the reasons for this is because of the outstanding trips like Magna. This is why year 5 truly and utterly rocked.


Review of Year 5

By Luke and James

Year 5 Class of 2016/17 has been like a plate of sweet and sour chicken – you don’t know if will be a high or a low – it was mainly high. Our teachers Mr A, Mrs H and Mr F were always there for us, even when we were too loud. Whether it was a boring English lesson to an awe-inspiring trip (like Magna or the Victorian Classroom). The last 12 months have been a delight and will last forever as memories.


Part of this year of light, has been the magnificent trips: (the warm, wet, windy and rocky) MAGNA; the Victorian Classroom (that was a strict place with one strict teacher); finally Athletics (James was 3rd in his race and Luke was 5th in his). We all went to the school duck race and there was a prize for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and last place.

Y1 readers

In y1, us Y5’s trooped down and picked one of them to read to. James read 8 books to his sister (Zoe) and Luke read to his partner (Roman). Luke and Roman were good friends after, but as for James and Zoe, they’re a bit different in their ways (it’s called brotherly and sisterly love).

Sports day

Sports day was far too hot, but everyone powered through and in the end Stanage (the best house) won. The tug of war was arm-breaking.   Adrenaline ran through everyone who did sports day and we all had a good time.


Y5 has driven along so fast that we couldn’t tell that time had passed. It has been a great schoolyear and many elements have been added to make it that good. The teachers were great like every teacher in totley primary is and in the world teachers should be like. We have loved year 5.


Review of the year

By Gabe and Matthew

Year 5 of 2016/17 has been like a rocket – because of its ups and downs. Our teachers Mrs H, Mr A and Mr Flevill, were always there for us even when Gabe and Matthew fell asleep on the bus. Y5 has been on many trips, but some people had a favourite: the Victorian classroom, our trip to magna, or the time when we went to the orchestra. We have also have done a lot of reading.

We have been on a lot of fun-filled trips. The Victorian classroom was strict, but that didn’t stop us from having fun. Magna was out of this world- it was our favourite trip. The orchestra was different (especially when the fire alarm went off). All the trips we went on in the last 12 months will leave us with memories that will last forever.

Y5 had a challenge; a reading challenge. We had to read 2000 chapters to earn the prize of getting new books to take into y6 with us. Once we had eventually completed our challenge, we had to read to younger children. We read to the y1s. We also got the chance to go to our local library –Totley library- to read.

Christmas this year had a great festive feeling wriggling its way through us. Firstly y5 totally rocked their dance in the Christmas performance. Y5/6 got together to have a Christmas an amazing party. We also invited our relatives in to school to have a Victorian Christmas craft day with us. We all must have been good because Santa came to our houses.

We have had a great year this year. Mr Atkinson, Mrs Hadabora and Mr Flevill have helped us all along the way and we will be saying good bye to them as we move up to y6.


Year 5

By Lola and Zoe

Year 5 has been like a pic and mix because all of our class mates have been different (but all in a good way)! We’ve had a great year: like the time we went to Magna and almost missed our bus stop, (but we got there eventually) or the strict Victorian Classroom or our rocking Christmas Performance.  Year 5 has been the best and left us with memories we will have forever.

Christmas was the amazing and Year 5 had to dress up as Elf’s. Year 5 had a Christmas craft day and we made wreaths. By far the best trip was to the Victorian Classroom, Mrs Sharp was very strict and every one enjoyed the trip. Magna was a very good trip.

Year 5 had to look after a bag of flour for two weeks, you had to take your bag of flour everywhere you went.

It’s fair to say, everyone enjoyed year 5.


Our year in Y5

By Daniel M and Felix

Y5 class of 2016/17 has been like a view from a speed train, it is so beautiful but it is gone within a second. Our teachers Mr Flevill, Mrs Hadabora and Mr Atkinson were always there for us even at home times. Whether it was the Christmas performance, the amazing science museum (Magna) or the intimidating Victorian classroom, the last twelve months have left us all with memories not to be forgotten.

Magna was a great trip because all the three elements were covered: fire, air and Earth.  (It was also fun because my dad came). We also learnt about the solar system, which was very interesting because we got to see how far away the planets were from each other.

Air is as soft as cushion because in the air room there was a breeze of air which cooled us down. It was clearly fun because there was water in the air part so we could play with boats, waves and we got to play with relay powerful water pistols (water is very powerful).

Then there is fire, which was so cool and funny, because there was a fire tornado which was the best bit, because when it died it looked like lava. The funny bit was when we sat on thermal-reactive benches for a minute we could see how hot our bums were (LOL).

Finally, but not the least, was the underground bit; I think it was really cool because there was a really scary bit where when you walk into a little cave part there is an evil laughing noise!

Year 5 has been truly amazing in many ways but in particular, anything to do with science!


Our review of the year

By Tequilla and Sam

Year 5 has been like a rollercoaster – it has its ups and downs and stops before it starts. We had three teachers: Mr Atkinson, Mr Flevill (who has completed his teacher training) and Mrs H, have always been there for us, even when we were chatting and not paying attention, they would always come and help us. Whether it was Magna and its amazing fire tornado, looking after the fun flour baby`s ( a bag of flour with a face drawn onto it), or the realistic Victorian Classroom with its strict teacher, the last 12 months have left us all with memories that will last forever.


Magna – wow. Wow because of the fire tornado; wow because of the Big Melt; wow and very fun. Magna was our first trip in Y5. It was a brilliant day and it was a brilliant trip. When we were on the bus, (we were on the way to Magna) we failed to see that we arrived at Magna. We learnt loads: the fire tornado impressed, I saw my hand and lots of parts on my body in the thermal benches, I enjoyed the epic playground and the exploding hydrogen to make rockets. A day well spent.

The Victorian classroom

The Victorian classroom was strict. Due to then thinking girls weren’t as clever as boys, we were segregated. Mrs Sharp made the boys and the girls do different jobs. The boys were writing and the girls were practising cleaning. Mrs Sharp was mean and nasty, being very strict, Mrs Sharp got us to do what she wanted. As you can see the Victorian Classroom was one of the best trips this year.

The Flour Baby

The Flour Babies were fun: Fun because you got to play with them; fun because we got to keep the baby’s; fun but to look after! Getting butterflies in our stomach, we were all waiting for the big moment. As they came in we were shocked- it was a bag of flour! We had to look after it for 2 weeks. As it came to a close it was tiring but sad to let them go. All in all, a fun 2 weeks.

The end of year 5

Even though where sad it`s over, we`re all excited for the new adventures awaiting us. All the teachers in Year 5 were there for us even when we were sad. Year 5 has left us with many memories, but now it`s time to make new memories as we take on the responsibility and challenge of Year 6! I think we will have great time with Mrs Corrin.

So far throughout the whole school carrier in Year 5 we have learnt the most, whether it was Maths or English we still worked as hard as we could. Even if it`s Magna and its amazing fire tornado, the Victorian Classroom and its strict adventures or the best teachers, I still think Year 6 can match up to Year 5.

We`ll never forget this year!!

We all loved you Mr A, Mr F, Mrs H and now we are going to miss you.