On Wednesday, children wrote their own poems and performed them to the class. They were fantastic! Here is an example…


The Strange Granny

“What’s that dear?” asked the teacher to the boy,

“It’s Granny,” said the boy.

“But Grannies don’t have six packs, green hair and only polka dot bras and pants to wear!”

So she helped me draw 2 arms and legs,

With a big, weird smile (well, that she called a smile).

Then she stood back with a bright pink face and “What a great picture that is!”.

But then at quarter past three,

That smile turned upside down,

When a Granny appeared…

…with bright green hair,

A six pack..

…and a polka dot bra.

She said, “Oh hello dear. Have a nice day?”

“Oh no, oh no! Not at all! She said you weren’t my Granny any more!

“Oh really!” said Granny,

And went up to Miss Clayton and said,

“How do you do?”…

…and knocked her out…

…and went off laughing.

By Moriah, Sally and Tom T.