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Sum2 wk5 – Wednesday Home Learning videos

Morning all!

Hopefully, you’ve seen the previous posts below. You’ve got the Y5 newsletter, some photos of my veggie patch and also Mr Flevill’s video announcing Sports Day winners…

Here are today’s videos. The wider curriculum task is one of my favourite lessons in Y5. It’s normally a full day Design and Technology project, so take a look 🙂

1.7.20 WED

Cooper Constructions (PPT PDF for wider curriculum)

Y5 Newsletter (Issue 3)

Hello all!

It’s to believe that the end of Y5 is so close! I can’t express how much I enjoy the last few weeks with a class, and how strange it will be to not have that time this year. However, it’s not goodbye! We will see each other in school eventually! 🙂
Here is this week’s newsletter once again prepared by the fabulous Mrs Croft. Thank you for all your Sports Day scores. I’m sure Mr Flevill will announce which house has won soon (come on, Stanage!)
I have also put on some photos of the very exciting weekend me and Amy had harvesting some of our veggie patch! Our first ever garlic and pak choi 🙂 we’ve also been munching on lots of spinach!

Virtual Sports Week – The Results!

Hi everybody,

Mr Flevill here! What an amazing effort from you all to make our ‘Virtual Sports Day’ a complete success. Well done to everybody who took part, every single point you earned made a difference in the final scores and there wasn’t much between the eventual winners and the 3 runner ups!

Thank you so much for all the videos, scorecards and pictures to help show how much fun you had. A big thank you to the teachers for their challenge videos and a huge well done to everybody who managed to beat their scores!


But, we all want to know who won. Watch the link and enjoy the video to find out …


Sum2 wk5 – Tuesday Home Learning videos

Hello, hello, hello!

Here are your videos for today. I’ve taken a closer look at the maths task today, and given you a tip about how to solve reflection tasks. It’s all about counting from the corners. Go take a look 🙂

Sum2 wk5 – Monday Home Learning videos

Hello there!

It’s another Monday, and another wet morning!

Here are today’s videos if you need to refer or check anything.

Thank you to everyone who has sent in their Sports Day scores and research project. Mr Flevill is very excited and grateful for your hard work 🙂


Sum2 wk5 Home Learning

What a glorious evening!

Here’s all the work for next week. I’ve managed to get the DO NOWs into the packs, so it’s back to the nice, easy one document a day 🙂

Maths focuses on data, graphs and statistics

English has daily refreshments of Y5 writing features

Our Wider Curriculum takes a look at our capital city!

1. week 5 Sum 2 timetable

29.6.20 MON

30.6.20 TUE

1.7.20 WED

2.7.20 THU

3.7.20 FRI

Cooper Constructions (for wider curriculum WED)

London Underground route problems (for wider curriculum FRI)

London-Underground-Map_ver_1 (for wider curriculum FRI)

Sum2 wk4 – Friday Home Learning videos


Sorry if you were missing the videos yesterday. I’ve just come to upload today’s to find that I didn’t click ‘upload’! What a wolly…

I’ll drop everyone an email today about Y5 keeping in touch phone calls for next week, and keep sending in your Virtual Sports Day scores in please 🙂

Anyway, here are today’s videos in brief, and I hope you all have another wonderful weekend.


Sum2 wk4 – Thursday Home Learning videos

Morning all!

It was a bit of a hot one last night! Make sure we stay in the shade where we can today. You could do your home learning outside with the sound of nature and a soft breeze 🙂

Here are today’s DO NOWs from maths and English as well as a little hello from me that I recorded yesterday. The veggie patch has exploded with stuff!

Make sure you get your Sports Day scores in for Monday! Feel free to send pictures and videos as well 🙂 I’ve had a few back and it looks like we had whole families competing!

25.6.20 THU

THU maths      THU answers


Sum2 wk4 – Wednesday Home Learning videos

Morning Y5!

Another glorious day ahead of us, so let’s get our home learning done!

Sorry if the videos are a bit quick this morning!

24.6.20 WED

WED maths     WED answers     MATHS DO NOWS

Y5 Newsletter (Issue 2)

Morning all!
Thank you for all you support and understanding over the past few weeks as school enters a new phase. Working from home and the Hub feels like I have 2 teaching jobs at the moment!

It has been lovely to see photos and work and anything else you and your family have been getting up to. It really does cheer me up to know and see the children are happy and ok (or as ok as they can be).

The fabulous Mrs Croft has put together another newsletter this week. The feedback last week was great, and a lot of parents and children said they really enjoyed it 🙂

Thank you to every single one of you for everything you are doing! I cannot express my gratitude and appreciation enough.


Mr Cooper

Y5 Newsletter WK4