Good morning, and I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

It’s the last week before the half term, and I know we are all working extremely hard at the moment 🙂

Today, there are 2 parts to the maths (my phone stopped filming half way through).

Take at look at both, but I would suggest only looking at PART 2 (which is side ways and I have no idea why…) if you are confident as it contains the challenges. I discovered it was a little trickier than I first thought explaining fractions in a video, so I also found a video to help if I went a little fast!

Also, as explained in the Computing video, there is a WER competition set up!

It’s a competition involving Sheffield Girls’ School, Ecclesall Primary and us! Just email me any work you want to enter, and I can post it on the website for the judges to see (please no faces and I will only put your first name on).