Hi everyone!

Following the questionnaire, we are posting the week’s learning the Friday before to give everyone a chance to skim over it and familiarise it. Next week is also the last week of Summer term 1!

English – Each day will be exploring a different form of poetry. Honestly, I have loved writing examples. It really helps take your mind of things and can really cheer you up!

Maths – We look at equivalent fractions and how they can be shown as proper, mixed and improper fractions before finishing the week with some adding and subtracting of these fractions.

Reading – Linked closely to English, we we explore meanings behind words and phrases in poems. The last Reading task is a bit different as they have to create their own based on a poem they have written from the week!

Wider Curriculum – I got lots of messages that the Music lessons were very popular, and that 1 subject over the week was more enjoyable. I came across some incredibly interesting videos about how computers work (linking to one of our first topics in Y5). There is no ‘work’ along side them, but there is a really exciting WER robotics competition hosted by Sheffield Girls’ School with a website going live on Monday. I’ll make a video especially to explain…

I’ve also made a little ‘end of the week’ video as another update on the veggie patch! Please forgive my hair, but I am currently embracing my ‘lock down locks’!

1. week 7 timetable

18.5.20 MON

19.5.20 TUE

19.5.20 German Famous person fact file

20.5.20 WED

21.5.20 THU

22.5.20 FRI