Hello, everyone!

I hope you’ve had a wonderful time in the wonderful sunshine, and celebrating VE Day safely!

I’ve said it so many times already, but thank you to everyone who is putting the effort in, and continuing to do the Home Learning. It doesn’t matter how you do it! Whether you stick to the timetable suggestion, work alongside watching the YouTube videos or simply picking a certain subject each day, it is whatever works for you 🙂

All this weekly uploading of you Home Learning is starting to feel like the ‘norm’ now!

I’ve tried to be a bit different this week with the tasks just to keep it as fresh as possible for you guys to do, and for me to plan and make before it got a bit ‘same old thing’.

Maths is going to be learning something new! This week we will be learning how to plot on 4 quadrants and translate shapes! (it sounds and looks fancy, but I promise it’s not tricky at all!)  You might want my teaching videos to help you out 🙂

English is going to be a week of one-off toolkits to refresh everyone’s mind on the different skills needed, so each day there is an acquire/refine and a practise/apply task. I’ve loved your story writing recently, so keep using your imagination when you do the work, and there are lots of competitions Mrs Croft has found for you to enter below, if you want to keep writing this week!

Rather than lots of subjects for Wider Curriculum this week, I wanted to do some music with everyone! Each day we will build up our skills from listening and appraising music, to reading notation and writing our own!

I told I was going to mix things up a bit this week and keep you all on your toes! 🙂

I’ve really enjoyed preparing this week, so I hope you all enjoy it and fingers crossed it all goes well 🙂

Mr Cooper

1. week 6 timetable

11.5.20 MON

12.5.20 TUE

TUE 12.5.20 German Verb conjugation

13.5.20 WED

14.5.20 THU

15.5.20 FRI

FRI Competitions you can enter