Hello, Year 5!

Hope you’ve all had lovely weekends in the glorious sunshine we have had for April!

Please find attached your Home Learning for this week. Take a look at the timetable to check out what you have in store this week. You’ll notice the odd change/addition each week as myself and others come up with different ideas during this time.

Maths – comparing fractions, decimals and percentages AND some Roman Numerals!

English – An independent writing task focusing on Disney’s Tangled

We also have reading, wider curriculum, another Wake and Shake artist, art, a few twists on how to play draughts which you could have a go at (videos following soon) and German (Frau Griggs sent me the German, but I forgot to include it last week!).

Thank you for everyone who has sent pictures and videos of their work! I’ll try and share some of them soon, but as soon as we’re back at school, I’ll show you EVERYTHING 🙂 I’m so proud of how well you are all doing. You are showing so much maturity and resilience.

As a little surprise, instead of seeing me to kick your week off (let’s be honest – you hear from me all the time!) Mrs Croft has recorded a video, so she is a special guest on my YouTube channel this week! Here is Mrs Croft saying hello!


1. week 4 timetable

27.4.20 MON

28.4.20 TUE

29.4.20 WED

30.4.20 THU

FRI 1.5.20

German Refugee family

Urban Art

English vocab and language resources