Hi Year 5!

You can find each day’s set of tasks on this blog post (like last week each day has the different subject areas). I’ve also attached a suggested timetable which a lot of you (and your parents) have said really helps with keeping a structure in your day.

I’ve added a few things to the timetable this week. At the bottom of the timetable page, you will see some optional tasks/challenges/projects each week. This week includes:

  •  A garden based scavenger hunt (which also has an optional ‘artistic’ challenge as it is meant to be lovely and sunny
  • A challenge you could do with the whole family (and it will make you even better at helping around the house!
  • Wake and Shake recommended artist to listen to during the week.

A big thank you to all the parents who have replied to my ‘catch up’ email. It’s been so nice to hear how everyone is getting on. If you haven’t yet replied, please do! I’ll be sending an email every couple of weeks just to check in on the children 🙂

A lot of you also liked hearing from me, so here is ‘hello from me’ video to start your week! A little tour of the veggie patch, a look at my home work space (some of yours look amazing!), a new wildlife tracking camera and a new book to read!

As always, don’t forget to take time for yourself. I go on my PS4, but only when I know my work is done and I am happy with it! Enjoy the sunshine in the garden if you can!

A last big thank you to every one of you who are trying so hard on your work, and helping out at home too!

1. week 3 timetable

20.4.20 MON

21.4.20 TUE

22.4.20 WED

23.4.20 THU

24.4.20 FRI

Making the bed competition

Scavenger hunt