Hi, Year 5!

I really hope you are all okay, and it’s fine if you don’t feel okay all the time. It’s been a couple of weeks now, and I am certainly feeling it now. I keep thinking about how strange and utterly brilliant it will feel when we all see each other again!

I have found it really beneficial to keep a routine. I’ve even written myself a timetable much like yours! It includes work time, house chore time, exercise, reading and listening to music. It’s hard to stick to every day, but it helps me feel like I have achieved things each day.

Anyway, here is everything for this week’s learning. Mr Paxman made a very good suggestion of putting all your day’s work in one document rather than opening each subject (makes a lot of sense!), so simply click on the day and you will find all your work!

Maths – this week, a revision of calculating angles in triangles, straight lines and 360 degrees. The week finishes on recent work with fractions, decimals and percentages.

English – Have a go at writing a newspaper article! I’ve written a WAGOLL and found it quite fun making up something that has happened at home 🙂

Reading – Wordsmith Wendy is joined by Doctor Deduction. ‘Pog’ and a book that sounds very interesting ‘Vampirates’!

Wider Curriculum – In Computing, a recap of binary numbers. In Science, we haven’t taken a closer look at Space exploration, but lockdown has made me reflect on what it would be like in the International Space Station…

1. week 2 timetable

14.4.20 TUE

15.4.20 WED

16.4.20 THU

17.4.20 FRI