Hi, Year 5!

Attached is your week 1 suggested timetable and tasks.

As I explained to those in class, all the tasks I create are based around our retrieval of knowledge and facts we have covered in Year 5. You might recognise some of the tasks from class work or homework, but there will also be tasks we haven’t done (but is still retrieval of what we have done in Year 5). I’ve tried to keep it simple this week, so we can all get to grips with it!

  • The timetable is a suggestion which might help you  plan your day, and help you feel like you have completed your day as well!
  • Maths this week is the retrieval of place value and decimals, along with rounding and converting between fractions, decimals and percentages (remember to spot the pattern!)
  • English is a fictional writing task involving a door handle. Read my WAGOLL to get an idea. I have also attached all our recent language and vocabulary to help give you some ideas
  • Reading looks exactly like it would do in reading lesson
  • Wider Curriculum is – again – retrieval of past ‘Big Questions’.

The timetable also points out which sheet to look at for that day (sheet 1, sheet 2…).

As it says on Mr Paxman’s letter to parents, you may contact me via mcooper@totley.sheffield.sch.uk if you are unsure. If you would like to share a piece of work you are particularly proud of, feel free to take a photo, and I will share a few each week on here!

Finally, the expectations for this work are the same as they would be in class, and I have made them to help you keep up your amazing standard of work this year. However, don’t forget to also have breaks, spend time with your family, and help out where you can around the house or in the community.

Good friends stick together, Year 5,

Mr Cooper

1. week 1 timetable

2. week 1 Maths

3. week 1 English

English vocab and language resources(FANBOYS, AWHITEBUS and photos of our vocabulary displays)

4. week 1 Reading

5. week 1 Wider curriculum