Today, Year 5 have reflected on the successes and disappointments of the election.

Daniel McGrail felt inspired to write about his victory in being elected as President of Outer Space! Here is his victory speech…



Finflaff Kutchin’s victory speech


I, Finflaff Kutchins, has just been elected as president of outer space.

In King Bloballoy, I follow the footsteps of a true and loyal leader. Under Blobbaloy’s leadership, the galaxy has become a better place to live. From him, I have learned the true meaning of existence & leadership.

As President, I will give all Martians equal rights as each other, end space wars and accept outsiders into our galaxy.

I remember a time when I lived on Earth, I absolutely HATED outsiders. I hated them so much, we started war. After a while, they resigned, so the Earthlings won. From that day and beyond, I never wanted to fight again.

Today, from Humans to Martians, we will all live in peace and friendship.

You may have not voted for me, but I promise to make your voice matter in this galaxy.

Thankyou King Blobballoy for inspiring me to become a leader, Thankyou Earthlings, for supporting me and my decisions, Thank you all those people who voted for me. And you, outsiders, I apologise for my grief in the past.


-Let’s make the Milky Way great again.