So, we’ve reached the end of our class story. I have really enjoyed this one (I hope you have too), so big thank you to Mr Barnes, who lent us his copy.

Did you know…? There are currently 65 million refugees trying to flee ongoing wars, man-made environmental disasters, economic destitution or political persecution (you may want to ask an adult to help you understand what these mean). That’s more than the total number of  refugees who fled Nazi persecution in WWII (UNHCR, 2016).

Final thoughts – here are some questions to think about, you might want to discuss them with an adult or sibling at home…

1.Have you ever  met a refugee kid?

If you have, have they ever told you their story?

If you haven’t, how would you try and help them if you did?

If you yourself are a refugee child, what is the hardest thing about meeting new people?

2. If you had to run away and leave your house and school behind forever, what 3 things would you take with you?

3.Most refugee children have to learn a brand new language very quickly after leaving their country, and find it very difficult to get used to the sounds and the way everyone is speaking. If you had to go to another country, where no one could speak your language, what would you like people to do to help you understand better?

4.Have you ever read any newspaper stories about refugees or heard grown-ups speaking about them? What words did they use to describe refugees, and how did they make you feel?

5.If you could give a refugee kid one gift to help make them feel happy, what would it be?

6.What do you think could be done to help stop the refugee crisis – and who would you ask to help?

7.And finally, if you could be famous and on the news for a single day, what action would it be for?



Chapter 25

Chapter 26

We will start our new class story after the half term break,

Miss Carline